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January 3, 2014

2013 Recap

A week ago, I was convinced that I would be ending our 2013 recap with a new baby announcement. Spoiler alert! Baby #2 has yet to make an appearance.  

Will was born about 5 days before his due date and, given the possibility for happy inconvenience, it seemed only too likely that our second child would arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or perhaps the night my parents flew into town or on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t even bother planning meals or fun things to do for my parents’ 2 week stay, so sure was I that we’d be up to our elbows in spit up and dirty diapers by now.

Alas, it seems this baby is choosing to be unpredictable in the way I least expected: actually staying put until our due date.

So until then, a few moments to remember from 2013 (links in blue):

Ringing in the 2013 New Year with Chris’ parents and sister:
family photo January 2013

Taking my parents to Old Delhi and the Taj Mahal:

Spice Market_MG_4093January 16, 2013

Old Delhi from above_MG_4169January 16, 2013

Taj Mahal first trip_MG_6017February 17, 2013

Will’s first Easter Egg hunt at the Ambassador’s residence and his first Holi celebration:

Easter on roosevelt lawn_MG_6525March 15, 2013

Holiuntitled shoot-758March 26, 2013

Finding out we were pregnant while Chris was trapped on a 15 hour flight back to Delhi from the States. (Not photographed: the many hours spent trying not to throw up when it was 115 degrees in the shade and Will didn’t want to play inside)

Camera Roll-93

Playing with friends:

Will and Norah-1

Barefoot for brunch at The Imperial. We will see if we get to come back! #delhi #toddlers

Unintentionally kicking off an ongoing toddler tractor obsession in Wisconsin:


Will’s second road trip to visit his great, great grandfather and my first attempt at photographing that beautiful old place:

Grandpa's House-59

Grandpa's House-32

Grandpa's House-24

Grandpa's House-12

Taking Will on his first self-propelled hike to his first swimming hole in Virginia:

Will in Charlottesville-9

Drinking lots of delicious coffee and feeding the ducks in Iceland. This may also be remembered as the trip Will scored the nicest wool long underwear known to mankind by way of a well-timed diaper malfunction at a souvenir shop 2.5 hours outside of Reykjavik.

Iceland Day 1-4

Iceland Day 1-7



Will turned 2!

Will 24 months-3


Will 24 months-5

A new Saturday dosa lunch ritual started during a visit from NaiNai (and a more recently acquired Sunday dim sum ritual–thank goodness for globalization!):

Will and NaiNai dosa date-12

Special thali #familydosadate #delhi #india #ilovesouthindianfood

(Good) dim sum in Delhi #itspossible #india

A weekend road trip through Thailand to hang out with friends on the beach in Hua Hin.

Look kids!  It's Big Ben!" #thailand #roadtrip #goingincircles

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-9

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-26

Contributing an interview and photos to Cup of Jo for their expat mom series.

Will Old Delhi-2

Will at home and in old delhi-8

Taking lots of photos around Delhi, including the Durga Puja:

Dura Puja on the Yamuna-26

Dura Puja on the Yamuna-24

Dura Puja on the Yamuna-2

2nd trip minimal edits-1

Camera Roll-49

The view 12 inches out my car window right now #chandnichowk #india #olddelhi #trafficjam #peopleridingonpilesofstuffoncarts

Rooftop papadam operation #india #olddelhi #spicemarket #birdseyeview

Will started preschool!…and the only photographic proof I have is a photo of the autorickshaw he decorated with matchsticks… (It’s true I have zero photos of this huge milestone–but I plan on taking a photo next week–after a 2 week vacation at home with Mommy, Daddy, Mimi & Papa, I’m sure the tears and transition will be as heart-breaking as the first time around?)

U know u aren't in America anymore when ur kid brings home a rickshaw decorated with real matchsticks from preschool. Love his school anyways though! #india #delhi #toddlers #expatlife

Road-tripping to Minnesota for these lovely people’s wedding…

phil and ashley's wedding

and then taking them on a road trip to the Taj Mahal a few months later:

Agra and Fatehpur Sikri-1

Agra and Fatehpur Sikri-23

Agra and Fatehpur Sikri-3

Happy Halloween!

Edited Halloween 2013-5

Getting spooky #halloween #doordecor #pinterestwin #mummy

Edited Halloween 2013-3-2

Edited Halloween 2013-3

Playing “dirty tractors” in the backyard:

Will backyard and Agra-2

Will backyard and Agra-1

A Thanksgiving spent with great friends!

Exploring the railroad museum, the science museum and countless other haunts around Delhi with my parent and toddler friends as well as some quieter days at home:

Watching energy balls with friends at National Science Centre.  The pigeons flying through only made it more dramatic #india #delhi #play dates

A watercolor kin of afternoon #paints #toddlers #art #howbigamesscanwemake

Probably too much fabric shopping:

Fabric shopping for crib sheets. India is a dangerous, dangerous place for #fabric junkies... #india #delhi #babygear

Neon and elephants and 3 floors of fabric goodness #nehruplace #india #delhi

Taking pictures of lots of wonderful people

A wonderful Christmas and holiday season:

Gingerbread House Playdate Will B&W lightened up-16

Winter wonderland dirt dessert with homemade vanilla pudding. It's like an edible terrarium?  #tistheseason #christmas #christmaseve

Christmas 2013-2

And lots and lots of wonderful little moments with the two boys I love best:

My boys

family photo christmas 2013-1

I asked him if he needed a nap and he screamed "no!" 5 minutes before I took this picture of him passed out on the living room floor. #toddlers

Will in Charlottesville-1

And just one more

Taj Mahal first trip_MG_5935February 17, 2013

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuaryuntitled shoot-809March 28, 2013

Camera Roll-80


Now just looking very much forward to the youngest member of the family making an appearance sometime soon!

Oh and p.s.!  On December 23rd we found out where we’ll be moving next summer!  Can’t wait to share that news here in a few weeks once it’s all official…

4 responses to “2013 Recap”

  1. Natasha says:

    Will is the cutest little boy! You have taken some beautiful photos over the past year — thanks for sharing!

  2. Dad says:

    Stunning photos, Dani. Really quite beautiful. Josephine and I jump every time the phone rings thinking it is Chris calling about the arrival of our new grand daughter. Have a safe delivery. Lots of love, mom and dad

  3. Jessie says:

    I second Natasha’s comments– both of them! Brilliant photos, as always. Happy New Year, and soon, Happy New Baby!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Happy New Year! Hope you’re feeling well! Love your year in review. Can’t wait to hear about where you’re going next!(I don’t know where else to ask this, so I apologize for doing so here, but I no longer receive email alerts when you’ve posted. Any suggestions?)

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