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February 24, 2013

This and That Part II

Will on sunny day_MG_6094February 22, 2013

The weather here in Delhi has been achingly beautiful. Rains followed by bright blue skies and the sort of mellow temperatures that make us want to just stand still in the sunshine forever…or at least until the heat of summer drives us to seek every shadow, every pool of water, every air-conditioned nook we can find.

For now though, we are enjoying shivering a little in the shadows and lingering outdoors until the sun falls behind the trees.

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February 17, 2013

This and That

starbucks grand opening delhi_MG_5129February 05, 2013

Our computer seems about to meet its end.  We don’t yet know exactly when, but its coming soon.

I thought it was all over on Tuesday.  I’d been up late working nights and early mornings for weeks trying to ignore the creaking sounds coming from the hard drive.  Mere minutes before I was to upload a big project prototype online, the screen froze.  And froze again.  And continued to freeze instantly each of the seven times I hysterically punched the power button to reboot.

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February 10, 2013

Gong Hay Fat Choi! Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Will on Chinese New Year_MG_5632February 09, 2013

It was with a slight twinge of relief that Chris and I fell asleep to rather subdued Indian version of silence last night.  I truly don’t know if I could do more than one truly authentic mainland Chinese New Year experience.

Today, after a lovely birthday celebration for one of Will’s friends, we strung up decorations and played outside while Chris toiled away in the kitchen to prepare for us our version of  Chinese New Year feast.

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February 7, 2013

Family in town


Just popping in with a few quick photos.

Its been fantastic showing Delhi to my parents and getting to see my sister on the other side of the world for the first time ever.

More soon!




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