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May 26, 2013

The Banks of the Yamuna

Yamuna Puja-3

There is nothing like an early morning shoot around Delhi.  The faint whiff of burning left in the air from the night before mingles with the musky smell of a city so hot, even dawn can feel like an inferno. Morning is when India feels least foreign and most like home to me, filled with people quietly going about the same sorts of morning routines I do, radiant in the glow of that gorgeous, gorgeous early morning light.

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May 17, 2013

The Summer Flight

Will outside and eating cherries-1

For as long as people have lived in Delhi–that is to say since at least the 6th century BC–people have also been leaving Delhi every summer.

The thing about Delhi is that for nearly 4-5 months of the year we enjoy brisk-ish mornings and obscenely beautiful sunny afternoons.  For another 4 months of the year, we tolerate less than comfortable conditions and then–for the last 3 months–well…

We complain endlessly.  Or we leave.

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May 12, 2013

Unexpected Fortune

Will sporting his favorite kurta

I stood in a horrifically large shopping mall two weeks ago, waiting for the children’s museum there to open.  Will perched on my forearms and gaped at the light-filled 3 stories below us while I waited for a friend’s phone call.

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May 2, 2013

When its 100 degrees in the shade…

Will in Pool-4

…it’s hard to resist a kiddie pool full of plastic pouring cups and the company of one’s closest toddler friends.

We’ve grown incredibly boring as the weather heats up here in Delhi.  Mornings we still try to get out and about a bit, but within a few hours, text messages start flying and the question becomes not if, but when we’ll meet up at the pool for a late afternoon or post-work pool date.

I’ve never been much a pool person, but there is something about the proximity of water that makes the air feel cooler and the hours pass more quickly than were we all to wait out the hottest moments of the day at home.

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