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August 28, 2013


First Time Homemade Ramen-4

You know you’ve married well when you come downstairs to find your husband baking baking soda to approximate potassium bicarbonate in order to make properly alkaline homemade ramen noodles. Continue Reading

August 23, 2013

The Family Resemblence

Will and NaiNai dosa date-1

Genetics get funny when your kid’s ancestors hail from as diverse locations as China, Korea, Western Europe and the native lands of the Cherokee. We get a lot of looks when we go out as an extended family. Continue Reading

August 19, 2013

On Silver Street

Will at home and in old delhi-8

I’ve been trying to write this post for nearly 5 days now. At one point it was a nice, little post about our trip to Old Delhi in the middle of a monsoon downpour. And then, suddenly, it turned into many more things. Continue Reading

August 13, 2013

La Deuxieme


I went to the Med Unit a few months ago for a routine well-check while Chris happened to be flying somewhere over Eastern Canada at the time–3 hours into a 15 hour flight back to Delhi.

Privacy is a bit of an aspirational goal when one lives, works, and receives medical care all within the space of about 200 feet, but I didn’t really mind that day as I walked back into the waiting room that day to find my friend sitting there, her jaw nearly scrapping the floor. Continue Reading

August 8, 2013


Buying flowers in the monsoon #delhi #monsoon #india
It’s monsoon season in Delhi.  For a brief few weeks, the sun goes into hiding and the air sinks low to the ground, thick and heavy with the promise of rain.

I love it. Continue Reading

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