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April 9, 2011

Here Comes the Sun…and the Mahjong…

Today we had some of this:

(That’s the sun people!!)

So after a delicious meal of rabbit and addictive hot and spicy Sichuanese shoe-string potatoes, we decided to go sit in a park and drink this:

But what goes best with a cup of tea in a Sichuan park?

A cigarette apparently.  In fact lots of them!  Smoked incessantly!

But also mahjong!

I’ve felt sort of like a Sichuan poser for awhile now what with not knowing how to play mahjong.  It’s a little like living in Green Bay, Wisconsin and not knowing how to follow a football game.  Or put on a snowsuit.  You know, a vital skill.

No more my friends.  Thanks to the deft and patient teaching abilities of Ashley of Ma La With a Fork fame, I’m now ready to play with the best of the Sichuan grandmothers.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to learn a game when you have a real professional educator walking you through the rules!

Ok, I’m not really ready for the Sichuanese grandmothers, but I’m now officially obsessed.  I mean not so obsessed that I could keep playing while a guy drops dead next to me, but obsessed enough to make sure we go out and buy our own set of blocks asap.  Obsessed like I’m already scheming to see how many people I can trick into skipping the bars next weekend to stay home and play mahjong with me.

I think this guy likes mahjong too:

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