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November 27, 2011

4 Months Old Haikus

Is Will already 4 months old?  Insane!  In honor of the occasion, a few tongue-in-cheek haikus!


Sleep: do or do not,

there is no try.  Ok do not?

Eleven P.M.



Where’s the Teeth?

Drool everywhere 

covers bibs, Mama shoulders, 

Baby needs Sophie.


Squwak! Squeal! Ooh! Ah! Ooh!

A-oooh! I see you! Raw-ahhh!

Baby speaks Dino.

A New Love for Toys

You lunge left, duck right

a blue elephant in sight.

Must put in mouth NOW.

Tummy Time

Legs kick and arms strain,

Big smile then frustration-

Backwards locomotion.

In short, this month we have a very “talkative” baby who is perpetually in motion and threatening to drown us in his saliva.  I love the way he wraps his arms around me when I pick him up now and he’s pretty much big enough to sit on my hip now.  Oh and he laughs!!!  Nothing is sweeter than baby giggles I think.  My new favorite age! 🙂

p..s. Baby leg/arm warmers rock our world…

0 responses to “4 Months Old Haikus”

  1. Loved the Haikus! Will’s a cutester!

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  3. Nomads By Nature says:

    Wonderful haikus!! I agree, 4 months is such an awesome age!! And you have some great photos to capture this magical time!

  4. eve says:

    fantastic! creative momma. And goodness gracious- what a charmer you’ve got on your hands.

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