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August 31, 2011

A New Word (and a non-baby post!)

But I never said no baby pictures?

Anyways.  In the spirit of the coming end of the Foreign Service unofficial summer transfer season and all of the folks around the world getting used to new places and new faces, I thought I’d share a word I accidentally came up with a few months ago.

A word that serves as shorthand for a certain phenomenon one gets used to living overseas and occasionally coming back to America.  A word that saves time and energy, especially when one’s brain is a sleep-deprived mess of grey matter and you are calling the cat by the baby’s name and your husband by the cat’s name and your baby, well you’re referring to him with nauseating nicknames like “Kicky McKickster” and “Senor Grunty-Pants”

Sorry, forgot, no baby talk.  Anyways, I give you a word:

Amerikind (n? adj? adv?).

As used in a sentence: This pizza here at Peter’s Tex Mex is pretty good but I miss the Amerikind.  OR  Wow, this internet is fast!  It’s like the Amerikind!”

See how useful this word is?  When used either in the affirmative or the negative, it conveys so much!  No need to use sentences like “I mean, its good, but Chengdu good.  If you stay here long enough its really tasty. If you were in America, you probably wouldn’t think this is good though”  You can just say:  “It’s good but not like the Amerikind.”

Now just don’t trademark this little gem of genius you guys and start charging me for every time I use it because I’ve started using this noun A LOT.

T-2 Weeks until we head back to the ‘Du!

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