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July 27, 2013

All Sorts of Changes

Grandpa's House-32

We got back to Delhi a week ago.  I was so happy to be back I immediately cleaned out two closets, restocked the pantry, and then rearranged the living room furniture while Chris was at work last Sunday afternoon.

(Always a great way to greet your spouse after a full day of work on the weekend-48 hours after landing back in the country.  “Hey honey!  Would you mind helping me move this bookcase!”) 

Then, I guess because it will take 3 weeks for my new closet-organizing storage bins to arrive and the kitchen was already clean, I started in on my websites.  1 two-for-one theme deal, one new domain name and approximately 25 late-night hours spent in codex forums later, they are as close to ready for their public debut as I’m willing to wait for.  Which means, of course, they both still need a lot of work but at least the landing pages are presentable.

If you are reading this post right now then you know that the Hot Pot blog has moved to a new domain:  If you type in the old address, you will automatically be rerouted here.  I’m still getting the very earliest archives and a few links migrated, but for the most part, you should be able to find anything you are looking for on

At the same time I migrated Hot Pot, I also gave my site a total facelift.  It’s cleaner, prettier and better organized for people looking to schedule a photo shoot or simply check out my non-Will portfolio.  I’ll continue to post photos here on this blog as I take them, but also putting together the more cohesive collections over on as well.

Photos like these, taken up at my grandfather’s house the week before we left the States.  It’s hard to describe the place to anyone who hasn’t seen it and so, on this last visit, I mad a point to go around photographing some of the details about the place that I love, from my aunts’ old high school yearbooks, to the who-knows-how-old salt and pepper shakers on top the wood-burning stove.

The house originally belonged to my great-grandparents and its difficult to say what, if anything, has changed in the house since they lived there.  There is no telephone, no shower.  The house is heated by a wood-burning furnace and an antique wood burning stove in the kitchen.  My 95 year old grandfather spends hours every week chopping wood to last him all winter.

I’ve written a bit more about my grandfather’s place over here on but here are just a few of my favorite photos.

Grandpa's House-5

Grandpa's House-15

Grandpa's House-11

Grandpa's House-12

Grandpa's House-21

Grandpa's House-34

Grandpa's House-58

Grandpa's House-59
My grandfather with his favorite polka partner and the love of this life for the last 40-odd years

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  1. Jessie says:

    website(s)’s looking great, so fresh and clean. Looking forward to more posts and gorgeous photos on the new platform.

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