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April 25, 2011

An I Love Moving Staple: Post-it Notes

Yes, we are still here, still alive.  No pictures probably until we have internet in the new apartment though.  It’s been an insane week/weekend between the giant CoDel (cat’s out of the bag here) and the marathon, 2 week long, moving process. 

A nugget of hard-won wisdom from Chez Dumm: while is is entirely possible move an entire 2 bedroom apartment using nothing but your luggage, your reuseable grocery bags, your car, and your husband’s back, I’m not sure if it is entirely adviseable.   

Last night I finally hit the wall, wimpering into a dirty comforter over a dinner of peanut butter on Wheat Thins, convinced that this move will never be over. 

But it will be, eventually, hopefully by this coming weekend when the movers come to move the furniture and a few of the heaviest items. 

Why aren’t they moving everything else?  I can’t remember anymore.  Moving is not as cheap in China has we’d originally hoped and I think we decided we’d rather spend our discretionary income on Thumper gear rather than moving boxes. 

I think we also thought it would “not be that big of a deal.” 

I no longer know what kind of masochistic crack we were smoking when we thought that.

We are surviving though and still happily married.  It’s good stuff.

Chris has been amazing, cheerfully hauling the heavy stuff in and out of the 2 apartments even after working a stressful 80 hour week.  He’s still cracking jokes.  He yells at me anytime I try to pick up anything over 10 pounds.  He rearranged the bedroom furniture twice for me.  He also tries to make me eat something besides Wheat Thins for dinner.  How did I get so lucky to marry this man?

As for me, I’ve been washing and organizing and putting away as many hours of the day as I possibly can. 

Chris likes to joke that when we go to the hospital to have Thumper, he gets to be management and I “get” to be labor (har, har).  I’ve started joking that, for this move, I’m management and he’s labor.  He does all of the heavy lifting and I decide where everything goes.  It works for us.

Which brings me  to (finally, I know!) the point of this blog post: post-it notes.

You know what’s easier than unpacking a box, putting away a whole bunch of stuff and then taking everything back out to reorganize several times over with each new box o’ stuff discovered?

Post-it Notes.


I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before but post-it notes are an excellent way to preserve your sanity during the un-packing phase.  Maybe this is someting the whole world does that I’m just catching onto but, in any case, indulge me as I lay out my time and stress-saving post-it note process:

Step 1. Enter a space in need of putting away and organizing.  Survey your options-drawers/cabinets/shelves.

Step 2. Make a list of all the different kinds of items you need to find a home for in the space and put them in logical groups like “knives” or “baking utensils” or “orphan tea bags.”

Step 3. For each group of items, scribble a post-it note. 

Step 4. Pretend your post-its are the actual stuff and “put them away.”  Stick them to whatever drawers or cabinets make sense to you.  Maybe “mugs” go next to “orphan tea bags” by the coffee pot.  “Dish clothes” go in a drawer next to the sink. 

Step 5.  Take a breather and go do something else.  Come back, try putting away a few of the real items in their designated spots to make sure they fit.  See if there are any other arrangments that make more sense. 

This is the real beauty of the post-its right here.  I “rearranged” our kitchen 5 times before I put away anything.  Do you know how easy it is to move a post-it versus a stack of skillets?  Soooooo much easier. 

Step 6.  Do you have any post-its left without a home?  Do they really need to be in this room anyway?  Reconsider your options all over the house/apartment.

Step 7.  Put everything away.  It takes a lot less time when you’ve got a map of sticky notes to follow.  You don’t even need to be fully awake!  Rejoice.  You are an organization god/goddess.

Optional Step 8. Leave your post-it notes on the outside of your drawers and cabinets for a few days/weeks until everyone in the house figures out where everything is.  Relax in the satisfaction of not having to tell your spouse for the 5th time where you put the silverware-there’s a post-it for that.

What are your favorite moving/packing tactics?

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  1. smallbitsfs says:

    Wow, you two have been busy! I like the post it note idea.

  2. I’ve used post it notes for packing – labeling boxes with what goes into them but never for unpacking. I’m gonna have to try it in Delhi next time.

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