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August 25, 2010

China in Photos: Day No. 58 In Which I think About Traffic Jams

Can I just say that I’m so glad that we live in Chengdu and not Beijing, Inner Mongolia or somewhere in Northern Sichuan?

Sure, I’ve found myself stranded 10 miles out of town for hours on end when the police inexplicably closed the highway into town, but that sort of feels like nothing compared to massive road washouts and…

a 10 day long traffic jam.  Wow, just wow.  Worst part?  There IS a toll road people could take instead but that would cost money and in a country with this much cheap labor, it’s rare that any truck driver’s time is worth that kind of money-at least as far as their employers are concerned.

Never mind that they are paying at least ten kuai for each bowl of noodles they have to buy from the roadside vendors while they’re been stranded in their cars for days.

Ah well, like I said, just really, really, really, really, glad I am not in that traffic jam.

But it does worry me.  How long before that kind of traffic comes to Chengdu?  It’s already so congested here on the weekends that it sometimes takes hours to cross town.  How long before we’ve got the crazy jams too?

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  1. Bfiles says:

    that’s completely crazy!! I can’t believe people would willingly join that jam after knowing how long it might take!

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