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August 26, 2010

China in Photos: Day No. 60 In Which I Find Apples

Apples are coming into season here.  They aren’t quite as flavorful as the ones I used to eat for lunch everyday in D.C., (must be all of the pesticides) nor as satisfying as the one’s we used to pick on my grandfather’s land, but they will do.

And of course, they serve as another reminder that fall (the best season of all) is on it’s way.  As if the blaring classical music that plays until 9pm every night at the elementary school next door weren’t reminder enough. 🙂

Tonight’s a short post but stay tuned because there are lots of posts in the works, including:

Going back to work! An epilogue to the “Career Girl to Temporary Housewife” series

Chinese Medicine!…under a highway overpass

Dinner Chez Dumm’s!  That’s right, when we are not bed-ridden, we actually cook


How to Get the Most out of your Foreign Language Tutoring.

Phew!  All of that and more will be up on the blog soon.  Lots of stuff to finish up before I got back to work on Monday!

P.s. What do you think of give-aways on blogs? Lame? Fun? A good idea?  I need input!

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  1. Chloë says:

    If I had a blog…no, I’m not going to break out into song. If I had a blog, I wouldn’t offer giveaways because I see those as bribes to lure readers to write in. I would prefer to receive comments that are spontaneous. Also, I think readers should return on the strength of the blog material.

    Giveaways by corporates are a different story for me. Those are more Grabaways. 🙂

    • Chris & Dani says:

      Thanks Chloë! I really appreciate the feedback. I guess I wasn’t thinking of a give-away to spur comments but more as a “here’s a concrete thing from China instead of a picture” but now that I think about it more, you are right, it sort of does come off as a way to attract more comments which wasn’t my first thought. Hmm still torn! Thank you for the input!

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