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December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve’s Eve

Christmas 2013-4
The funny thing about having a baby due right after New Year’s is that the closer we get to our official due date, the less and less time I’ve actually had to prepare logistically or mentally for his/her arrival.

There’s been a house to decorate, cookies to bake, parties to attend, teachers and staff to assemble thank you gifts for, presents to wrap, photo shoots to edit, and finally a Christmas Eve dinner for 7 to prep and host on 48 hours notice.

12 days before Will’s due date I’m fairly sure I was doing little more than taking long walks, long naps and refolding onesies. This time around I’m crossing my fingers that this baby doesn’t arrive before I can find the time to simply sit for 30 minutes and reflect on who this baby might be and how our lives are changing once again.

Which is why, as much fun as tomorrow will be, I’m just as much looking forward to spending Christmas Day lounging around in pjs, eating leftovers and watching Will play with his new toys and finally having a few minutes to turn our attention and anticipation towards the little one who will be joining us so very, very soon.

Christmas 2013-3

Christmas 2013-5

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I feel you, wholeheartedly! I’m due with my third on January 3rd, and this is the first pregnancy where I’m actually hoping I DON’T go early! Christmas is such a busy time. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a healthy easy delivery! Xx

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