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November 2, 2011

Dear Three-Month-Old Will


Our little baldy.  Someday he’ll be a little boy with lots of hair and I will miss his baby-bald days-but I’ll admit he looks a little creepy in this photo-but in a really cute, happy, kind of way right???

To: William Maxwell (other aliases: Will, Grunty, Thumper, Toothless Wonder, Will-da-beast, Milk Monster, Will-o-saurus Rex, Master of the Universe, My Beautiful Baby)

From: Your Mama, (other aliases: Boobs, 2nd best diaper changer (after Daddy), Person with the Yummy Shoulder, Person who keeps going “yum, yum, yum” whilst kissing your cheeks, Lady who keeps making you do that darn tummy time)

Re: Your 3 month “birthday” (just a few days late)

I’m not sure how many of these monthly memos you will get, my little man.  Its not that Mama doesn’t love to write about you, gush about you, attempt to gobble up your plump cheeks and munch on your wee little baby toes 24/7.  I do.  It’s just you feel so dynamic to me, so ever-changing, always growing, that its hard to describe who you are and what you are like in this moment without feeling like I’m doing an injustice to who you will be and all of the new things you are bound to learn in the next.

For this month though, let’s try, shall we?

Things You Love:

1. Eating your hands

2. Standing up (with lots of help of course)

3. Sitting up (with a little less help)

4. Smiling and almost-but-not-quite-laughing at the baby in the mirror

5. Smiling at EVERYONE who looks at you

6. Boobs

7. The “Ants Go Marching” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” songs

8. Swatting and grabbing the animals hanging over your activity mat, then trying to eat them.

9. The Subway book by Christoph Niemann.  I think its all of the high contrast colors and black and white.  Who knew it would be the first book you actually paid attention to?

10. Staring at your Dad’s Tin-Tin in Shanghai print in the kitchen

11. Did I mention you love eating your hands?

Things You Are On the Fence About:

1. Your Sophie-you’ve started chomping down on her face recently, but otherwise you remain unimpressed

2. Sleeping in places that aren’t mommy or daddy’s arms-you remain skeptical of their virtue

3. Tummy-time, now that you can push up so well on your arms and rest on your forearms for longer periods of time, it ain’t the torture it once was apparently, but we won’t go all the way to calling it “fun” yet

4. Bath time remains a mixed bag for you but you do have a thing for getting your hands washed.

Things We Love Right Now:

1. The way your face absolutely lights up in the morning when we retrieve you from our crib.  Your crib is shoved right up against my side of the bed; but, judging by the reaction we get when we pick you up for the first time in the morning, you’d think we’d left you in Antartica for the night.  Hence, the crazy arm-waving and smiling that makes my day.  It’s as if you are saying “OMG, its YOU!!  You are STILL here!  I thought you were gone FOREVER!”

2. The smiles we get when we rub your cheeks.

3. The way you occasionally try to nurse on your daddy’s nose

4. The way you nuzzle your way as deep into the crook of my arm as possible when you are trying to fall asleep.  Its like an endless abyss of coziness to you it seems.

5. Looking down at your totally zonked-out, content face while you nap in my arms.  Everyday I wake up hoping today will be the day you nap for a solid couple of hours on your own and everyday I find myself sitting with one arm falling asleep holding you while I use the other to peck out emails.  It will be nice to have some more time to get things done during the day when you finally master the napping-in-your-crib-and-not-on-me thing, but I think I will miss our snuggles.  Lately you’ve been getting good at falling asleep on the couch with me just holding your hands.  I like that.  It’s a nice compromise.  You can keep doing that until you learn how to roll over stomach-to-back, ok?  Then you really need to learn how to nap in your crib.

6. The way you like to be carried around, pushing off my chest with your strong little muscles and your head on a perpetual swivel trying to take in every little thing around you.

7. Your sweet baby breath

8. Your munchable toes

9. Your insanely kissable cheeks.  Gah! Those cheeks!  I think I kiss them at least 100 times a day-each.

10. The way we can see you beginning to really notice and try to understand your surroundings.  It’s so fun to see what fascinates you these days.

11.  Your goofiness.  I think you get it from your dad but sometimes the way you smile, the way you react to us, you have sort of a goofy way about you and we love it.

Other Items of Note:

1. You still have blue eyes for now

2. You still have no hair, at least none that is very visible.

3. We keep needing to buy you more hats.  See item number 2.

4. As of your 3 month birthday, you weighed 11 pounds and 11 oz.

5.  You are still kind of a skinny baby but you have HUGE feet.  I just had to order you new 6-12 month socks because you’ve outgrown everything smaller.

6. You’ve now lived in China for over half of your life.

7. Perhaps buying baby REI cargo pants was a total waste of your dad’s REI gift card from last Christmas but, on you, they are actually probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

8. Your Mama has gotten really good at understanding baby-related Sichuan-hua and reassuring the worried grandmother types that yes you are warm enough and no, you don’t need a snowsuit when its 65 degrees out.

9. You collect a truly mind-boggling amount of lint between your fingers.  Seriously, how do you do that??

10. We are convinced you are brilliant but we’ll admit you still accidentally smack yourself in the face sometimes when you’re really tired.  It’s kind of cute and funny.

11. We no longer really remember what our lives were like before you but nor do we care.  We can’t imagine our lives being anywhere near as wonderful then as they are now.

12. We now think our childless friends are the ones missing out instead of the other way around.

13. Your sleeping on my arm as I type this post, little one, and we hope you know that we love you so, very, very, very much.


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  1. Nomads By Nature says:

    Absolutely sweet! Love that smile in the first shot – it is definitely a precursor to a fantastic personality!

  2. Becky says:

    What a cute kid! I love the first pic too. And the yoda costume of course.

  3. He is adorable and what an awesome post. He’ll love it one day…

  4. HOU Jing says:

    He is a natural actor!! So cute and lovely.

  5. beverly says:

    I am afraid you are smitten mama…..a bond that is like no other..the love between a mother and a son…

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