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June 17, 2012

Father’s Day

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Sometimes being with Will all day long, it’s easy to think that I somehow know and give my little boy everything he needs.

And then I see him with his daddy.

Has this scenario ever happened in your house?

“No, don’t flip him upside down!  He doesn’t like….oh wait, ok.  Nevermind, he’s laughing.”

My son needs me, no doubt.  I’m his Mama, after all.

But if you were to ask who makes him laugh the most, who makes up the must fun games, who he’s so wildly estatic to lay eyes on every morning and every night?  That person is his daddy.  His daddy who loves him so much that he stays up late at night thinking about him and who can’t wait to teach him everything he knows.

A long time ago, long before we were married, Chris told me that his highest goal, his most important purpose in life was making sure the people he loves have the most wonderful, the most beautiful experiences he can find for them.

What I don’t think he realizes sometimes is just how beautiful and wonderful an experience it is just to watch him with his son.  I never get tired of seeing look of completely rapture on Will’s face when he looks up at his Daddy.

Nor do I ever tire of seeing Will with his two grandfathers.

In real life, Chris’ dad is a dignified man with the intellectual air of a college professor.  He’s not the sort of man you would picture jumping up on a coffee table to make a baby laugh or insisting on holding his 5 week old grandson for hours on end until all of his own extremities go numb.

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And yet he’s done both, on multiple occasions.  I know where Chris gets his gift for making up fun baby games because Chris’ dad is another genius in that realm.  Someday he’ll be the man to teach Will all about history and politics and we’ll tell Will stories about the time his grandfather was quoted in Rolling Stone.

My father is the sort of free spirt who likes to pick up garbage as he walks down the street and get the life story of any waitress, pan-handler or cashier who crosses his path.  The man exudes so much kindness and love for people that he practically bounces.

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For now, my father is the man in Will’s life who makes the “walrus” noises that make him laugh, the man who does the Buddhist chants that put him into a sort of baby trance.  Will loves when my Dad holds him high up in the air, his eyes just glow when my father zooms him around the room like an airplane.  Someday though, my dad will also be the one to teach Will how to treat everyone he meets with the same respect and kindness that his grandfather shows to everyone he meets.

Happy Father’s day to the amazing men who make my baby, and me, so happy to be around them.  And Happy Father’s Day to all of the other wonderful dads and grand-dads and soon-to-be-dads out there in the world.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to the wonderful dad’s in your life!

  2. Ana Gaby says:

    Beautiful words, Dani! My dad sounds exactly like your dad. We always spend hours at restaurants waiting for him to finish chatting with the waiters and waitresses. And it’s such a blessing to see our husbands become such amazing fathers! Each day it makes me more grateful for having my hubby in my life and the boys’ lives!

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