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July 30, 2013

He’s 2!

Will's 2nd birthday-1-2

Dear Will,

As you will tell us yourself, you are two now.  Two.  I always thought the first birthday was a parent’s major milestone but to me it seems like two is even more special.

Unlike last year, it seems that so many of the skills you’ve learned and all of your funny quirks and sweet personality traits belong to you and you alone.  Biology and evolution may drive a kid to go from babbling to talking, from sitting up to crawling to walking, but it seems to me that sheer force of character determines when a toddler decides its the right time to learn how to spin dizzily in a circle or which letters of the alphabet to learn first.

Before you were born I wondered what parental jujitsu I needed to raise you to be a kind, considerate, good person.  Now I realize all that worrying was for nothing. You already are a kind, considerate, good person and there’s nothing I have done or not done that would change that.  You are quite literally my “stop and smell the flowers before picking up the litter and putting it in the garbage” child and I don’t think that will ever change.

Not to say that you don’t engage in your fair share of toddler-isms.  Like your colleagues, you hate diaper changes, fight bedtime and know how to whine for more treats with the best of them.  You go “boneless” at the most inconvenient of times and you only recently outgrew the (fine, hilarious) habit of flinging your full dinner plate off the table before immediately throwing your arms up in a touchdown, “all done!” gesture, completing the act with a look of mischievous “who me?” innocence.

But you also share generously and resist the urge to take your friends’ toys home even when you really want to.  You take pride in helping us clean up messes, go grocery shopping and cook dinner.  You seem to try so hard to keep your composure even in the sometimes difficult or uncomfortable situations this life puts us through.  You are quiet, observant and cautious by nature and it seems nothing escapes your notice–from which pair of shoes belong to which person visiting our house to the moods of the people around you.  From observing your Daddy you’ve learned a quick sense of humor and an easy, ready laugh.  For all of your apparent shyness, you love your friends and family fiercely.  You can play most happily when surrounded by people you know and like, sharing your space and filling the air with conversation.

You run astonishingly fast, drive your little plasma car even faster and show no fear in the face of steep downhill slopes whether on foot or on wheels.  We love that you call yourself “you,” the way you pronounce yellow (with a tongue roll in the middle) and your “happy feet” dance.  We love your hugs and your kisses and your smiles and your giggles.

But most of all we simply love you, little man.  Who knew life could be so wonderful until you came along.  Thank you for being you.



Will's 2nd birthday-2

Will's 2nd birthday-4
I made Will carrot cake cupcakes for his birthday and let him put the sprinkles on table-side. Instead of eating the cupcake though, he gave it to me, requested an orange and then topped it with sprinkles and ate that instead. So Will.  Also to be noted: I’ve been trying for 3 days to take a decent photo of Will in his “I am 2!” shirt.  Every time I’m just about ready to get him outside to snap a few shots though, I turn around  and he’s either a) covered in blackberry stains or b) it’s pouring out .  Maybe some time before he turns 3?

Will in his 2nd year:

First words: Daddy, owl, out, blue.

Will’s favorite word: “takklate” (chocolate).

Our favorite word: lllllellllow (yellow with a tongue roll).

Favorite foods: ice cream, chocolate, olives, seaweed, nuts, oranges, frozen berries,
mango popsicles, dried apricots, all kinds of fruit, rice, chapati, croissants and pancakes (While you like many foods, you eat very little in appreciable quantity.  You weighed just 20 pounds and 8 oz at your 2 year check up, prompting the pediatrician to put you on an “ice cream and heavy whipping cream with Pediasure, if you can get him to eat it” diet.)

Favorite Activities: Pulling 180s and flying down ramps on your plasma car, watching trucks work, reading books while eating frozen berries, playing “choo choos,” golf, and bowling, mowing the lawn, running your alligator walker into the freezer at full speed, pouring juice, cleaning up messes, pointing out “dirty” items, bath time with Daddy, spending time with Ahyee, NaiNai, PaPa, MiMi, PaPa and Anya, bringing people their shoes and purses before they leave the house (and always correctly identifying who’s belongs to whom), helping with grocery shopping, cuddling, going for ice cream, playing outside.

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  1. Alix says:

    Happy Happy 2nd Birthday to Will! He’s getting so big!

  2. Natasha says:

    Feliz cumpleaños, Will! Or, Guillermo as he might be known in this part of the world. 🙂

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