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September 2, 2013

Hua Hin

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-3

Two 2am alarms set. Two long flights. Two longer road trips. Too many toll roads. Two days on the beach with two toddlers.

Two sprinkle-covered ice cream cones, too many french fries. Two overpriced matchbox cars purchased from two night market vendors who realized that two dads carrying two toddler boys will pay a premium to prevent two simultaneous tantrums.

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-9

Two normally intentional and fairly strict moms who said “To hell with it! Let’s give the kids another show on the ipad and order another round of this gorgeous grilled seafood.”

Two life-affirming Thai iced coffees ordered beachside two mornings in a row. A two-coconut per day habit. Two bags of sweet pineapple on the way home from the beach. Too many plates of crab fried rice to count.

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-8

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-26

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-30

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-32

Two kids building sand piles together. Two dads drinking Singhas out on the patio. Two moms taking pictures of their toddlers posing on 2-meter tall roosters at a gas and pork-curry pit stop on the way back to Bangkok.

Road stop rooster pose on the road to BKK #thailand #roadtrip

Too perfect.

I had wondered whether we were totally nuts to wake our kids up at 2am to catch a 5am flight to Bangkok to rent a car and drive 3 hours through a foreign country to a beach-side condo for just two days of fun in the sun before heading back the way we came.

And we were probably totally nuts. But its a really wonderful thing to have friends willing to be as nuts as we are. Friends who are willing to put up with a bit of parental hassle to take our kids out to the night markets and who also believe that a little–ok a lot–of dirt never hurt anyone.

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-15


Will and Sam in Hua Hin-18

Our kids cried and threw tantrums but they also squealed with delight playing in each other’s company and traveled incredibly well considering how much of the 4 day trip they spent strapped into their car seats.

Will was terrified of the beach ponies and Sam did not like riding in the car. We probably doled out far too many emergency Hershey-kiss bribes. We had multiple “Look kids! Parliament!” moments both leaving and returning to the Bangkok airport.

Look kids!  It's Big Ben!" #thailand #roadtrip #goingincircles

But we came home sandy and happy and with well-restored iodine levels. We ate fantastic seafood and street food. When Will woke up this morning he cried because his new best friend Sam wasn’t sitting in our living room waiting to play with him. I can’t imagine a more fitting and sweet ending to a vacation than that.

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-24
Will and Sam in Hua Hin-34

Will and Sam in Hua Hin-7


By the by, if you’ve ever been to Ko Samui or Pukhet (etc) and been turned off by the slightly seedy and overly touristy vibe, take a look at Hua Hin next time.  Hua Hin is a 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok (once you know where you are going) it is the preferred getaway spot for both the royal King of Thailand and middle to upper-class Thai alike.  To us, it felt like the Thai version of a quiet, very chilled-out Outer Banks beach town–except the water was warm and the waves gentle and shallow enough for even the most timid of toddlers.  The food was great, the people were nice and we found a great little 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo, 2 minutes from the beach that cost less per night than our rental car did.   I have no doubt we will be back to Hua Hin next time we’re posted in Asia.

6 responses to “Hua Hin”

  1. Nomads By Nature says:

    What a great getaway with friends! I chuckled out loud at the part where the vendors take advantage of price gouging with tantrum toddlers as their leverage. We had that in Beijing. My son would be lured into a stall with a toy or a candy that the salesrep would dangle in front of his eye level and then hand over what ever it was like a gift all the while telling me the horrible price he was going to charge me for it. Too many times I had to pry the item from my son’s pudgy little fingers to hand it back and insist NO SALE. Lordy, could that boy scream then. Sometimes that worked in my favor though 😉

    • Dani says:

      I totally took Will down a back alley to let him scream it out when I told him “no” to a car. And then I realized that our friends bought their son one…and that I would have to get Will one if we would have any peace at dinner that night. So once he was done screaming and totally resigned to the fact that I wasn’t buying him a car I went back and got him one anyways. Hopefully he still learned the lesson though! Screaming and crying doesn’t work…at least not immediately?

  2. Olithee says:

    Wow, iam totaly loving your crazyness. what life memories, imagine when you turn 90 !

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