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June 15, 2014

Lilacs on the breeze

Lilacs are the sweetest old-fashioned flower but to really love them you need a crisp blue sky, a soft bed with clean sheets, a quiet Saturday morning, an open window and a gentle breeze to carry their perfume over the roofline and into your sunlit room l

When people ask me how our time in America this summer, I hope I tell them about the lilacs.

My mom and her grand babes. #film #portra400

The lilacs and the lilies of the valley and the grandparents holding their grand babies. The look on Will’s face when he saw his first real firetruck. The way Shiloh laughs when the cool Wisconsin breezes kiss her cheeks.

Shiloh with papa etc portra 400-6
Will portra 400 homeleave-2
#Remember when he'd let me take pictures of him ?  Oh we'll, at least we got camera-shy Mimi in the photo #firetruck #latergram #toddlers
I do not love these transition seasons. We are, for all intensive purposes, very well-off homeless people right now living out of suitcases. When we finish our tour-des-grandparents next month, we won’t be going home per se, but rather to a very (lovely) empty apartment in a new city in a foreign country.

It’s exciting if I focus on the gelato and espresso. It’s terrifying when I think about cleaning our new apartment, unpacking 10,000+ pounds of stuff, finding a grocery store, a pediatrician and a preschool in a foreign language while balancing two kids on my hips. I speak no Italian and whenever I try, it’s Chinese that comes out.

I’ve been waking up early for the past few weeks at my parents’ house. I have one kid’s feet in my face and the other snuggling so close to me it’s as if she’s trying to find a way back into the womb. I panic for a moment as I mentally reach for my to-do list and realize there is absolutely nothing on it that I can tackle right now.

And then I take a deep breath and clean air fills my lungs, I carefully stretch my legs to feel the deliciously cool crisp sheets at the end of the bed. Warm sleeping lumps of baby love drape over my shoulders and pin me to the bed. The early morning sunlight paints stripes of gold on the wood floor, the white curtains whisper at the windows and the smell of lilacs dances on the breeze.

Will in bath for website

It’s good to be here. And since we reunited with Chris approximately 3 hours ago, it’s been so very much better still. We missed having him around so much the last few weeks but now that he’s here it feels like we are finally really “on vacation.”

And obviously it’s not all romantic old-fashioned blossoms around here. We’ve seen Thomas the Train, visited a fire station and gotten Will hooked on Five Guys French fries. Will’s devotion to his grandfather’s morning Starbucks ritual is bordering on religious. And I don’t have to tell you how many trips we’ve already made to Target– although I blame at least six of them on “Delhi goggles” and a temporary inability to comprehend that we really can buy diapers, nightgowns, vitamins, toys, lipstick, organic fruit snacks and blue mason jars all in one shopping trip to just one store.
five guys for web

America the beautiful. Its good to be back at least for a little while.
Will won't leave the driveway waiting for daddy to come home grin the airport three hours away so we are whiling away the time redecorating. #homecoming #toddlers

2 responses to “Lilacs on the breeze”

  1. Cindy says:

    You have a beautiful blog and family! And your baby daughter is adorable. Are the pictures in this post taken with your film camera? They look wonderful.

    • Dani says:

      Hi Cindy! Sorry for the delay in writing back, blog went down for a few days! Most of those photos are on film, a few instagram shots too since I was waiting for my second roll of film to come back when I posted. I shoot on an old minolta that I found in Old Delhi, it’s held together with duct tape and a little unpredictable but I sort of enjoy it that way. Thank you so much for reading!

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