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December 31, 2012

Notable in 2012

Will in grandpa's cap

It’s New Year’s Eve, Will is finally down for a nap. Here’s a quick recap of the top 12 highlights from this past year. It’s been a busy one. Hat tip to Donna over at Email from the Embassy for the inspiration.

1. In January we returned from our trip to Thailand with Will and Chris’ family and I learned some valuable lessons about parenting overseas.

C D W Palace


thumbs up

2. Just a few weeks later, we took our lessons learned with us to Tokyo where we ate ourselves silly in what we both remember to be one of our favorite weekend trips ever.

soba tempura tsujiki market

baby and daddy rubbing noses

3. After two years in China, we said goodbye in April to our adopted hometown of Chengdu. We still miss the food, a lot.

man with cigarette 2

little girl on street

rice cooker

man with pineapples


4. After a 2.5 hour flight to Shanghai (with delays), a 13.5 hour flight to Chicago, followed immediately by a 4.5 hour drive from Chicago to my parents’ home in Wisconsin we found ourselves back in America. We spent the next two weeks flying across the country, driving to and from between Charlottesville, D.C. and New York and then finally settled into our temporary quarters in Rosslyn to spend a summer readjusting to America and hosting friends and family all summer long.

American flag at tackle box



Freerunners in Arlington

Will in shades and DC shirt

Camera Roll-278

Camera Roll-169

Camera Roll-285

Georgetown fountain riverfront park with grandparents

Georgetown fountain riverfront park with grandparents

5. I wrote a series of expat lessons learned from our first posting overseas. I wrote a tour guide for Rosslyn–America’s other premier tourist destination. We took Will for his first trip to the zoo. And later, his second.

Last Import-18

Last Import-11

Rosslyn VA

Rosslyn VA

6. Will learned to walk in Rosslyn. One month later we celebrated his first birthday and found out how much he doesn’t like cake.

Camera Roll-328

Camera Roll-330

Camera Roll-331

Camera Roll-237

7. Two weeks after Will’s birthday, we packed our bags, got dressed for the airport and moved to India.

Will at safdarjung

With Friends_MG_1537October 18, 2012

Chandni Chowk 9am_MG_1277October 10, 2012-2

8. In India, we’ve visited tombs, food markets and flower markets and taken photo walks around Old Delhi. When I shared my frustrations finding a kid-friendly social circle in Delhi, the wisdom and empathy and experiences all poured in from you, dear readers. I’ve been following your proactive examples every since!

Humayun's Tomb_MG_1026September 25, 2012

Humayun's Tomb_MG_0964September 25, 2012

Chandni Chowk 9am_MG_1227October 10, 2012

INA Early Morning_MG_1745October 26, 2012

9. We visited friends in Bangkok and ate non-stop for three days.

Diwali Trip_MG_2276November 08, 2012

Diwali Trip_MG_2375November 09, 2012

Diwali Trip_MG_2414November 10, 2012

10. I started working with an NGO and a school on a part-time basis and wrote about that decision-making process here.

factory and school site_MG_2667November 22, 2012

factory and school site_MG_2761November 22, 2012

kids_MG_3555December 16, 2012

11. We went to Goa for Christmas where, among other things, we received the creepiest towel sculpture in the entire world (Those are my glasses and my sons pajamas). More photos and thoughts from Christmas to come (if anyone even reads about Christmas after New Years??).

photo (12)

Christmas Goa 2012_MG_3653December 22, 2012

Christmas Goa 2012_MG_3767December 22, 2012

Oops that’s only 11. Oh well, here’s hoping that New Year’s Eve is especially fun and memorable!

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  1. Liz says:

    Wonderful photos!! You have an amazing life!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I can’t tell you how much joy this post gave me! I know that sounds weird, but it was just fun and your photos are so so so wonderful! Happy New Year!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Tiffany! It doesn’t sound weird at all. Lots of heavy posts lately, it was nice to take a happy light-hearted look back at all of the wonderful thigns from the year. And wow! 2013 will certainly be exciting for you!!! 🙂

  3. Ana Gaby says:

    Very notable , in deed! Looks like a wonderful 2012!!

  4. stmemory says:

    I loved this recap of an amazing year. All the photos are great, but that photo of Will and Chris playing in the surf with the wave is just amazing. Happy 2013!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks so much, I love that photo too! Sorry I’m so slow on these comments! Hope you guys are enjoying a great start to the New Year too!

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