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September 18, 2011

On What I Learned traveling for 30 hours with a 6 week old baby

Chris and Will on our annual Labor Day Hike a week before we left Wisconsin.  It was a much shorter hike than the one we just took across the ocean.

-Your baby will not need all 150 wipes, 38 diapers,  7 pacifiers, 6 outfits, 5 blankets and the medicine, thermometer, and extra frozen milk you pack in your carry-on.  You will, however, need an extra shirt for yourself for when he throws up all over you.  You will have not packed this item, however, because you ran out of room in your bag and HEAVEN FORBID YOU TAKE OUT ANY OF THOSE DIAPERS.

-To airline stewardesses a quiet baby is the cutest, most beautiful baby in the whole world and they will tell you so every time the walk by.  We don’t know what they thinking of the screaming ones because Will managed to go the entire trip without a single major meltdown.  Big Score!  On the other hand…

-Even if your kid is a perfect angel, don’t count on getting any sleep because the longer he is quiet the more anxiously certain you will become that a totally-out-of-character scream-fest is just around the corner and the thought of all of those glaring passengers keeps popping into your head every time you close your eyes.

-On the third hand, worries about glaring strangers are overrated and totally made up for by all of the complete strangers smiling and fawning over the delicious lump of sleeping baby on your chest.

-Hello Ergo??  You forgot to include the secret handshake instructions with my manual.  Everyone we saw with one of these (awesome) baby carriers either gave us a big smile or shouted (truly) “oh look another Ergo!”  Did I miss something?

-Parents travelling internationally with small children are a unique, incredibly strong-willed and totally insane tribe of people.  Its hard to imagine a more exhausting endeavor and I don’t know how those families with 3+ kids even scrounged up the energy for the world-weary commiserating smiles they gave us poor newbies.

-I’ve never loved China more than as a new parent.  The immigration guy cooed over our baby, as did every security person and person we met from the 20-something young men to the older battle-axes.  Plus I think one terminal of the Beijing airport has more family changing/feeding rooms in it than all of the terminals in O’Hare put together.  China loves children and it shows.

-Less importantly, Bridesmaids was a totally disappointing movie.  I wish desperately I could have slept through those 2 hours instead of sitting awake watching that movie and not moving a muscle for fear of waking up the baby.

-It is completely possible to lose 4 pacifiers in less than 45 minutes on an airplane.

-A former believer that the proliferation of hand sanitizer is basically building the next super-bug, I am now one of the world’s biggest fan.  At least until our kid graduates college.

-Jet lag + normal newborn sleep deprivation + baby jet lag = we hardly know our own names anymore.  I’ll be back with more when I’m able to speak in proper sentences again

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  1. Becky says:

    Good advice. My youngest is almost four and my kids still manage to get something on me any time we travel. I am glad you all made it in one piece and I hope that you are all adjusted soon.

  2. Chloe says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I love this post. Glad to hear your travels went well! Do people in China love children because of the history of the one child policy?

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