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August 28, 2013


First Time Homemade Ramen-4

You know you’ve married well when you come downstairs to find your husband baking baking soda to approximate potassium bicarbonate in order to make properly alkaline homemade ramen noodles.

First Time Homemade Ramen-2

That he spent an additional 10 hours laboring over a broth of bacon dashi and pork shoulder should qualify him for a husband of the year award.

First Time Homemade Ramen-5

I’m almost embarrassed to mention that he made waffles, moved around all of the living room furniture and hung 9 picture frames for me on the same day.

I owe this guy big time.

First Time Homemade Ramen-6

2 responses to “Ramen”

  1. Nomads By Nature says:

    He’s a keeper! That soup looks soooooo good.

  2. Mani says:

    Wow, those noodles look amazing! My husband would love it if I made them for him haha. Not sure I will though.

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