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May 14, 2011

Random Updates

1. Sorry for the absence lately.  I’ve got about 7 posts drafted and another 5 in my head but I’m in one of those phases where I can’t stand anything I write.  Great for getting better, not so great for getting anything posted.

2. One of the posts drafted is in honor of my amazing mother and awesome mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  I tried 5 times to write it, not one version seemed to do justice to either of these fabulous women.  I think I need to write a book instead.

3. Yesterday my husband mopped off our balcony so we could have people over for an impromptu get together.  He also washed the massive stack of dirty dishes I created and grated a whole bowl of carrots for me.  He’s amazing.   Last night I dreamed I married someone else and had a miserable life as a result.  Ok fine, yes it was Prince Harry and his grandmother seemed convinced I was in it for the silver candlesticks, but whatever.  I woke up this morning so, so glad to be in bed next to my man instead.

4. Yesterday I made the husband 2 loaves of  pepperoni and cheese Italian brioche and figured out a way for him to set up his hammock on the balcony.  I won major wife points.

5. Do you ever have charmed cooking days?  Where you miraculously have everything you need in the fridge and in the perfect amount, all of your baked goods need the same temperature oven, and every new recipe you try out is fabulous?  That was yesterday for me.  It was amazing, I felt like Martha Stewart, well if Martha Stewart lived in China and had to make her own tahini for her hummus.  Oh yea, and if Martha Stewart walked around looked like she swallowed a whole watermelon.

6. I also have crappy cooking days I should point out.  The other day I broke 2 ovens and started a gas leak trying to make one measly little cake.  Fail.

7. Peppadew peppers + white beans + cream cheese + food processor = the most delicious and borderline healthy dip on the planet.

8. Carrot cake + freshly grated ginger in the batter + maple cream cheese frosting = I want to eat the whole cake myself.  I have a new favorite cake and it’s made with vegetables.  Who’d have ever thought?

9. Have I mentioned we are done moving?  We are done moving and it feels fabulous.  I will never take American-standard plumbing and circuitry for granted again.  Did you know I can run the oven and any other appliance at the same time here in our compound apartment???  I can even run the washer while I run the dryer!  If Chris brushes his teeth while I’m in the shower, I don’t freeze!  It doesn’t smell like raw sewage in here!  The flames on our stove go low enough to actually simmer things!  There is room for Thumper to play on the floor in a few months!

10. Thumper is kicking away like…well something that kicks a lot.  Chris and I can actually see my stomach move now when he really gets going.  I’m totally entranced.  I never thought I’d be one of those women who stares at her belly, rubbing it all day but I totally am.  Up to this point I never really understood women who say they “loved being pregnant” and miss having their baby inside them after they give birth.  Now I think I kind of get it.  I get the connection people talk about.  He feels so much more like a real person now that he’s constantly bumping around like he owns the place.  Before when we’d put our hands on my belly, he would always stop moving, or we’d stop being able to feel him.  Now when we put our hands on my belly or when Chris whispers into my belly button, he sort of rubs up underneath our hands as if he can actually feel us there.   Now we just can’t wait to meet him in t-3 months.

11. Holy cow, 3 months??  Technically, 2.5 months now!?!  Where did that time go?  How fast can August get here?

12. The lack of photos on here recently is due to the sad fact that my camera appears to be somewhat busted.  It still works but not well and not well at all in manual mode.  It’s as if the shutter is miscalculating how much light is really available for a given shot.  Even with the flash on, plenty of light, and maximum aperture, the shutter stays open for at least 5 or 6 seconds.  It’s nearly imposible to take a clean shot.  Chris updated the firmware for me and that helped a little but it didn’t fix it.  Anyone else have this problem with a Canon Rebel?

13.  Xiang La Bing is probably the greatest culinary bargain in all of Chengdu.  It’s like crack, oily, spicy, bread-y, sesame and green-onion covered crack.  It comes in a little plastic baggy and it makes me high on living in Chengdu.  We also live much closer to the best source in town now.  Remind me to do a post about it sometime.

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