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January 8, 2015


Shiloh's first birthday-6

Shiloh turned 1 years old on Tuesday, an Italian holiday by happy coincidence.  We celebrated quietly.  Shiloh opened a few presents (ok, fine, Will opened a few presents) we made pancakes, and played.  We went out for some pizza and followed it up with what was probably Shiloh’s favorite moment of the day: her first solo cup of (yogurt) gelato.  We walked, we played some more.  Shiloh demolished a mini carrot cake after dinner and then it was off to bath and bed.

Shiloh's first birthday-12

And in between we nursed and cuddled and I stared into her deep brown eyes a thousand times, willing myself to understand that my baby is hurtling towards toddlerhood faster than seems possible.

As much as I love throwing parties and entertaining, for the most important days we celebrate, I much prefer to spend the time quietly with our family, wallowing in nostalgia and sentimentality the way I do on this blog instead of rushing around the way I usually do in real life.

So, Shiloh, she is one.  She is feisty and determined and fast. She points at everything, wanting words for what she is looking at. She is curious and head-strong and cries if we don’t let her touch the leaves on trees or the Christmas lights on the sides of buildings.  For Shiloh there are no obstacles, only benches, boxes and challenges to be surmounted. She always, usually very quietly, finds her way.

She is so on-the-go, so independent, so easy-going in so many ways that sometimes I forget that she is still so very little–which in turn makes me treasure those moments when she does let me baby her even more. Those moments when she reaches up to be held, when she naps on my chest. When she covers my face in open-mouth kisses and force-feeds me orange slices covered in peanut butter. She still sleeps in our bed and spends hours attached to my hip. I know these days of babyhood are waning now and I miss them already even as I live them. She will grow up to be such an amazing and strong and fearless woman but for always she will be my baby.

Shiloh Jan 9 2014-1
Shiloh in grey-4
Shiloh and NaiNai-1
Chris and Shiloh-3
Shiloh in poofy dress first time-3
Shiloh St Patrick's Day-12
made in india modeling made in india-2
Shiloh and NaiNai Portra 400-1
Shiloh and NaiNai Portra 400-2
Shiloh with papa etc portra 400-6
Shiloh in Varrena-6
Shiloh 6.5 months-7Shiloh plaid shirt black adn white 8 months old sept 2014-5
Shiloh love-1
Shiloh at Bellagio and Varenna-1
Shiloh in Pumpkin outfit-7
Shiloh Will Mommy-3
Shiloh 11 months-9
Shiloh Christmas-1-3
#rainbows: always in style #shiloh #sunset
My girl getting in touch with her heritage #shiloh
She can't walk unassisted yet bit she already knows how to commandeer her gege's scooter #shiloh
Paintbrushes #pigtails #shiloh
Shiloh on floor in panda onesie-3
Mamma and Shiloh-1
(First) birthday suit #shiloh

4 responses to “Shiloh”

  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I discovered your blog awhile ago and I just love it. You’re a great photographer, writer, I love hearing about your experiences living abroad. I’ve lived in China and now Japan. I was thinking of a post you wrote where you mentioned how your best friendships are ones you’ve had to work at, not the people you immediately click with at a party… I was wondering if you could elaborate! I was thinking of friendship tonight and how best to make good friends here in Japan and I was thinking about “working at” friendships and wanted more clarification if you don’t mind.

    • Dani says:

      Hi Stephanie, so so sorry to take so long to write back and thank you so much for your kind words! I guess what I mean by “working at” is that when everyone is trying really hard to make friends no one acts exactly the way they will when they feel comfortable. Some of my favorite people tend to be introverts who read a little cold the first few times I meet them. And some of the most extroverted people I meet are so easy to chat with about anything that it takes a while to realize we have nothing in common. Still great people, totally genuine but maybe we don’t have as many bonds as it would seem since we have such easy conversations. Does that make any sense? Is that at all a common experience?

  3. Sommer says:

    Happy birthday to your girl! I love your site and all your past experiences in China and India, but Italy is where my heart is so I am loving all your current photos and writing the most. This post was so touching to me because my “baby” girl will be two this summer and I am in shock. I love her growth and how exciting every single day with her is, but I miss the baby, too. I am trying to stay present for the magic of each day and not worry about the past or future. Sometimes difficult to do! Anyway, enjoy your wonderful children and all that you get to experience in Italy! Ciao!

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