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April 1, 2011

Some Random Thoughts on Friday…A Preggo Post

Photo by Stephen Voss

After last night’s post I got a hankering to look back through our wedding photos for a gajillionth time.

One thing I loved about Stephen’s photos was that he caught not just all of the beautiful moments, but all of the awkward, goofy ones too.  I believe in this photo Chris has just said to me “this is sort of weird to have someone photographing our every move, I don’t know where to look.”

I think I said something back like “well, let’s just look at each other then.”  So we did.

We’ve got over 1500 photos from that day and what I love most about them is how they capture so many of our favorite people looking so happy and so beautiful.  I can look at any one of them and suddenly remember exactly what I felt and what was happening at that exact moment.

Plus, I was thin in these photos!  Always a nice thing to remember in my current state. 🙂

Anyways, it’s Tomb Sweeping Day in China next Tuesday which means a day off of work, so we’re headed down to Guangzhou for a long weekend to visit Chris’ mom and soak up some much-needed sunshine.  While hanging out with Chris’ mom we tend to walk a lot and eat a lot-a perfect combination in my book-but we don’t internet a lot.  So, until next week, some random thoughts:

*Heartburn sucks.  Before pregnancy, I’d only experienced it once: I was in 3rd grade and I seriously thought I was going to die.  I cried and asked my teacher if I could call my parents and my sister and my cat to say my final goodbyes because I was pretty sure there was no surviving whatever was burning up my lungs and heart.  She told me to get up, it was just heartburn.

Whatever.  The other night I sat up in bed for hours channeling every new age-y breathing technique I could think of and pretending I was practicing for labor, but I still felt a little like I was going to die.  There’s something about that can’t-breathe feeling that I just hate.

*When I started this post a few days ago I thought heartburn was perhaps my least favorite part of pregnancy.  I was soooooo wrong.  Heartburn + food poisoning is the absolute worst part of pregnancy.  Throwing up all night is no fun to begin with, but being assaulted with both stomach and chest pain and not being able to lie down between rounds of upchucking makes the whole experience just that much more magical.

*Last week I learned that eating an entire tin of anchovies by oneself while pregnant is an excellent way to gain 6 pounds and grow cankles overnight.  24 hours (and many trips to the bathroom) later, I’m back to my pre-anchovy weight and we’re all relieved that, rather than having preeclampsia, it appears I just lack self-control when it comes to little fishies.

*On the brighter side, after many, many missed connections, Chris has finally felt Thumper kick!!  My boys have finally given each other high fives-albeit with my stomach as the conduit.  Chris expected something like a stomach gurgle but what he got was a full-fledged round-house.  We were over the moon estatic about it  and I felt validated when he said “Wow!  How do you sleep through that?” Answer: this week I sort of don’t, I’m up deep-breathing my way through heartburn and upchucking.

*My belly has suddenly gotten huge, like I swallowed a basketball-huge, like its hard to put on my socks-huge.  Like I got my belly stuck between our car door and a concrete barrier the other day-huge.  Chris almost had to repark the car to get me out.

And finally…

*Anyone know anything about Tulane’s Masters in International Development program?  I’ve been doing some research and it looks like I could do a significant portion of it long-distance.  I’m working on a email to the contact person to see what they would think of someone doing it all long distance, say from China and India?

Have a great weekend all!

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