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May 3, 2015

The kids on film

We went to Venice a few months ago. It was a sort of impromptu trip which meant I had a roll of black and white film in my camera and just over 72 hours to use it up if I wanted to capture Venice’s vibrant green and blue and pink palette in color.

I love the look of film, I find it superior to digital in nearly every way, but for our kids I shoot mostly digital. It’s more cost-effective and, honestly, they usually move way faster than I can focus manually.

But…these photos remind me why I love film, why it’s totally worth it to chance a few blurry shots once in awhile, chasing my kids around with my film camera.

Will and Shiloh making pancakes black and white film-7
Picked up a few rolls of film today and found a few pictures I didn't even remember taking. ❤️ #film #blackandwhite #35mm #leica
This kid. #venice #film #35mm #blackandwhite #leica

And these are the photos that make me glad I’m not a purist when it comes to film. I love taking my camera out with us when we hike even though it can be a pain in the ass to do so. The photos are rarely anything special from a technical perspective, but for the sake of the moment, I’m more than happy to just hold down the shutter button and hope for the best.

Will and Daddy hiking in Switzerland-3
Shiloh playing at picnic stop near Menaggio-5

I’ve been working on a couple of projects and blogging has gotten put on the back burner again for now. But I do have a slew of Milan day trip photos and recommendations to compile one of these days.

And of course there is Venice to write home about…
An early morning walk through Cannaregio can make you feel like the only tourist in all of Venice #traveldeeper #venice #film #35mm  #portra400 #leica #italy

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  1. Jess says:

    Hi 🙂 I’m Jess and I’ve been “lurking” for a little while, loving your photos and enjoying reading about your adventures … I wanted to say hello and thanks for sharing so much beauty and stories from the corner of the world you’re in … it’s great. Hope you and your family are having a beautiful Italian springtime!

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