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June 18, 2012

The Weekend

Camera Roll-315

Will’s “For the love of all things holy, dad!  Hand over the frozen yogurt!” face

This weekend we:

made our (second) attempt at visiting the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, but owing to a rather rare and surprisingly vocal vote of descent from the youngest member of the group, we ended up instead making a frozen yogurt run on F Street.  A certain young teething someone was thrilled.

We walked around Georgetown, refreshing the Zillow app every few blocks in the vain hope that someone may have dropped the 1 from their 1.3 million dollar asking price.  Surprisingly, this has yet to happen.  Not even on the block across the street from the most picturesque fire station in America.

Camera Roll-319

We went to brunch for Father’s Day.  Will drank from his first official restaurant kid’s cup and I nearly cried.  Then he tried some potatoes…and put them in his hair.  Phew, I guess he’s still a baby after all.

I didn’t even realize it until this morning but the only “present” Chris ended up with on his first Father’s Day was a six pack of athletic socks.  It was sort of an accident, but seriously??  Aren’t there bad jokes and corny Hallmark cards about that sort of thing?  All I need to do now is give him a bad tie or a toolbox for our anniversary and we’ll have the man-gift cliches covered.

We had a diaper malfunction situation not once, not twice, but three times this weekend as we were walking around town.  Never were we less than a mile from home.  Kind of icky.  I don’t think I would, but should I ever try to sell my Ergo second-hand, make a mental note here and now not to buy it from me, ok?

Camera Roll-317

Before we left for China our favorite thing to do on the weekends was take long looping walks around the city.  Now that we’re back here in the land of clear blue skies and zebra-striped crosswalks, we’re back at it and making up for lost time.  We walk for groceries, for dinner, for no reason other than because it’s a beautiful morning.  We walk so much that we tend to crawl into bed on Sunday nights tired and sore from covering so much pavement.  I love that the worst things that can possibly happen to a pedestrian here are sore feet and getting stuck behind a very slow family of camera-wielding tourists.  Talk about first world problems.  It’s fantastic.

While we walk, we talk and point out the sights to Will as he destroys rides along in his Ergo.  We play a game of watching passers-by and trying to guess their stories–who’s out on a first date, who’s meeting their girlfriend’s parents for the first time, and so on and so forth.  Do you ever play that game?

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

On tap for the week, among other things: how to create cool photo effects without a lick of editing software and a Life Lessons post on learning from and assimilating into local cultures.  Speaking of which, if you have any stories, posts or experiences to share, let us know in the comments!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Ana Gaby says:

    Hi Dani! I looove the pic of Will and Chris behind the fountain! I cherish walking on the streets of DC, or rather I cherish walking! We just can’t do it here. When we visited Singapore i wanted to wakl just about everywhere, despite the humidity and heat. My hubby also got a cliche gift, I got him a mug with a picture of the boys hahaah. I didn’t know what else to get him. Assimilating into loclarl cultures, hmm.. that’s an art I have yet to learn.

    • Both your gifts are hilarious. I did no better. I’m the worst gift giver, but only to my husband, which is why he picked out something himself (a breweries of the United States map) and I’m only tasked with getting it framed (which I didn’t even do yesterday when it has to get done by packout on Monday, yikes).

    • Dani says:

      Oh I know just how you feel!! Even pregnant,even in the heat all I wanted to do is walk in Singapore too! (well, walk and eat!!) The mug idea is so cute! I should remember that for next year!

  2. This weekend we went to the Natural History Museum (and held bugs!) one last time before we leave, and we rode on the carousel on the mall for the first time! And we had lots of swim time in the pool which resulted in long naps both Saturday and Sunday, for dad, too – the best Father’s Day gift of all!

    I’ll miss walking a lot, too, when we’re back in hot humid tropical weather in Vientiane. We started to ditched their stroller more and more after our kids turned two and now we don’t take it anywhere except the zoo and airports.

    • Dani says:

      What a wonderful sounding weekend!! Chris and I keep telling ourselves we’ll get Will into a museum before we leave if it means we have to go while he sleeps in his Ergo!

      I hear such wonderful things about Vientiane. Our CG in Chengdu was just posted there and he and his wife love, love, loved it. His wife especially loved her work there so I think, since you also have the language, you’ll probably have a wonderful time of it! Can’t wait to hear about you guys’ adventures!

  3. towelspacked says:

    Dani, I really love the new layout. It fits your blog and photos really well. I don’t think I saw this one before we made our switch – magazine layout and featured images are some of my favorite wordpress features.

    And speaking of walking, while there’s a city forest in Nairobi that I go to on most weekends and this is probably more than most parts of urbanized Africa (minus South Africa) can offer, this is something I’m really looking forward to being able to do in Moldova (for a few months during the year anyway). That and they say the produce is fabulous. Trying to stay positive about this post, even though we didn’t really have much of a say in it.

    • Dani says:

      Thanks so much! True story-I had to change it because Will got a hold of the computer and somehow changed something on my old theme that I couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, how to fix. So, new theme! 🙂

      My hubs has heard some good things about Moldova, people seem to really like it, though I imagine it will feel like a very different place after Nairobi!

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