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May 8, 2011

We bought a crib…

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…From Walmart.  My yuppie, liberal, bleeding heart is well…bleeding.  But we’re ok with it.

It wasn’t long after we found out I was pregnant that I started obsessively casually browsing cribs on the interwebs.

Having never shopped for a crib before I assumed it would be easy to find something we liked: clean lines, non-toxic, on the smaller side, with a modern-esque design for under $200-$300.

Oh how wrong I was.

There is no such thing as a truly inexpensive modern clean-line crib.

There are massive sleigh-bed-esque Victorian-looking cribs in the $150-$400 range:


I saw a few of these in person over R&R and I have my doubts about any of these fitting into a compact Asian high-rise apartment-an important consideration for the next few years.  Plus, the look is a little Drexel Heritage…which gives me the shakes.

Besides the big sleigh-bed cribs, there are also gorgeously simple and beautiful cribs that double as works of art:


Problem is they are expensive works of art-costing anywhere from $600-$1600 dollars.  American, not Zimbabwean dollars.  So gorgeous they make you want to throw out your coffee table and set up the crib there instead for everyone to admire.  So expensive they make you want to stop eating for 6 months to pay for one.

There are also plenty of inexpensive, basic cribs for under $150 bucks, but it’s just kind of hard to tell online which ones are good quality and which ones aren’t.  In D.C. Craigslist would be a great option, in Northeastern Wisconsin all I’m finding for sale are sleigh-bed type cribs and baby Packer outfits.

For months, literally months, I searched for an alternative.  I went up in my price range, I lowered my expectations.  We looked at cribs at Ikea here in Chengdu and found a nice, inexpensive one we liked…until we checked out the available mattress options which were a bit too soft and not sized for U.S. sheets, mattress covers, etc.

At one point I even toyed briefly with the idea of skipping a crib altogether.  Couldn’t we go straight from bassinet to bed?

And then, one day, I was reading Cup of Jo and clicked on pics of her son’s nursery for some baby style inspiration.  Turns out her bedding and decor weren’t quite my style but before I clicked away I noticed that the crib looked compact and modern and sleek.

Given that this $140 night light was on the dresser, I assumed the crib must also be out of my price range.

Turns out, it wasn’t, it was from Walmart.  Yes, that Walmart.

I was intrigued and so last night I did some online Walmart perusing and was shocked, shocked people by what I found.

There’s apparently a lot more to Walmart’s selection than what you can find in it’s stores.  Their crib selection dwarfed Amazon’s and the prices were palatable.  They had all of the cheap cribs plus all of the monstrous sleigh-bed cribs plus a whole selection of modern-esque cribs at reasonable prices.

And so I happened upon a crib: white, with clean lines.  The wood is sustainably-harvested and the finishes are all non-toxic and certified by like every rating system on the planet.  There are 4 mattress-height settings and I’ve read really great reviews of other cribs made by the same company.

And the price?  Not too shabby-more expensive than a super basic crib for sure but a whole lot less than any of the other cribs we liked.

Plus online Walmart purchases ship free to any Walmart store.  And with Mama and Papa Smith graciously volunteering their pick-up services, it just seemed too good a situation to pass up.

Chris liked the crib.  I liked the crib.  We could afford the crib AND we could FINALLY be done looking at cribs.  Holy cow was I ready to be done looking at cribs.

So, in a shocking display of spontaneity I quickly added the crib to my cart, added a crib mattress while I was at it and hit “buy” before I could change my mind.

And there you have it.  Baby has a brand new bed…minus the pink bedding.*

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*A bed that will stay in the box until it arrives in Chengdu sometime around October…

3 responses to “We bought a crib…”

  1. Anna says:

    Ikea has an excellent, clean-line, inexpensive crib. It is $70 and solid beech wood. A great crib no matter what a person’s budget might be! I got mine in Israel (from the US) and it is slightly smaller than the US version, which is great because our apartment is so small. Oops… I just saw that you already discussed the Ikea option. The mattress we have for ours is quite firm, and bedding from the US works well with it. (I’m not sure how the Israel crib size compares with the ones in China.)

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