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May 2, 2013

When its 100 degrees in the shade…

Will in Pool-4

…it’s hard to resist a kiddie pool full of plastic pouring cups and the company of one’s closest toddler friends.

We’ve grown incredibly boring as the weather heats up here in Delhi.  Mornings we still try to get out and about a bit, but within a few hours, text messages start flying and the question becomes not if, but when we’ll meet up at the pool for a late afternoon or post-work pool date.

I’ve never been much a pool person, but there is something about the proximity of water that makes the air feel cooler and the hours pass more quickly than were we all to wait out the hottest moments of the day at home.

We didn’t make it to the pool this afternoon, but when Will sat down on the doorstep after dinner and tried to put on his shoes while shouting “Pool!” it seemed as good a time as any to sneak in Will’s daily swim ritual of standing in thigh deep water, pouring water from cup to cup over and over again.

We’ve had a crazy few weeks around here.  A bit too crazy for blogging, too crazy for finding time to go out and take photos.  I’m typing on a new laptop, purchased to replace our desktop that died about a month ago.  Chris bought it last week in America while he was there to make some unexpectedly urgent visits to family members.

He’s back now and we are so, so happy to have him back.  It’s not quite home without him around.  Thank goodness for our wonderful friends who kept us company though, while he was gone.  Our little boy is still quite shy, but it was something to see the way he lit up getting to spend so many meals and hours in the company of our friends last week.  I still can’t get over the night Will whined at me to take a batch of cookies out of the oven faster so we could hurry over to our friends’ home for dinner.

As happy as Will is with his friends though, nothing can match the high of getting to see Daddy after a week away.  Will stayed up way past his bedtime to see Daddy walk in the door and, the next morning– before Chris had any time to recover from the 15 hour flight or the up and coming 12 hour work day– I found Will sitting on his Daddy’s lap plying him for as much story time as he could squeeze in before Chris had to leave for work.  My little Mama’s boy is quickly turning into Daddy’s most devoted little buddy.

Will in Pool-6

Will in Pool-5

Will in Pool-8
One of our neighbor kids trying to pick Will up in the pool

Will in Pool-2

Will in Daddy’s arms, chewing on a mango pit. It’s hard to find him in a more content spot than this.

0 responses to “When its 100 degrees in the shade…”

  1. Liz says:

    Will looks like a fun little boy – he’s going to really appreciate these photos one day!

  2. Jessica says:

    He’s darling. And 100 degrees in the shade is HOT! I’m not much of a pool person, either, but in that kind of weather, I would be!

  3. sara says:

    What a sweet post Dani! I love the image of Will begging you to get those cookies done so you could jet to a friend’s house. So sweet! Motherhood is so tough without Dad around. I find a week to be the worst amount of time too. A few days is no big deal and two-three weeks you get into your own one parent routine. But one week is torture. So glad he’s back now. That heat sounds terrible, we’re starting to get bundled up in the evening over here in Ethiopia. I don’t miss the heat!

  4. alex says:

    It’s all a matter of perspective. Here, where there’s pretty much nothing to do or explore outside the house, making it to the pool is considered a substantial activity. In fact, I’m currently trying to decide which of the several hotel pools I will visit today… 🙂

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